The Section of Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Section (Maskinteknologsektionen, MTS) is the home for civil engineering students studying Mechanical Engineering (M), Design & Product Development (DPU), Energy – Environment – Management (EMM) or the four Master’s programs Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering, Design and Aeronautical Engineering at Linköping University’s Technical College. Together, the programs make up one of the university’s largest sections with just over 1,300 students. The purpose of the section is to use the interests and needs of its members as a basis to ensure that their studies and future prospects are as good as possible and to create activities alongside the studies that contribute to a fun and interesting study time. It is thanks to all those involved in the section in the form of associations and committees that make this possible. The section was founded in 1969 together with the founding of the entire technical college. Then there were only M, I and Y.