EMMA is the Section of Mechanical Engineering’s girls association. Our aim is to increase the cohesion of all women and non-binary on the section, as well as to bring them together with the business world. We do this by arranging a variety of events for our target group, both study social and business oriented. In addition to section work, EMMA also collaborates with other girls’ associations at the technical faculty to increase cohesion and create memorable events. We at EMMA want to be there for you who feel female or non-binary during your studies, so please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions for things we can do for you. 

Hanna Cederstrand

As BästEMMA, I am EMMA’s president and therefore responsible for leading EMMA’s work. I bear overall responsibility for the association and make sure that all members are well. I also sit on the Board of theSection of Mechanical Engineering to prosecute EMMA’s case and act as an information link between EMMA and the Board. there I also help with the regular board work. 

Ellen Olsson

As Treasurer of EMMA, I am the one who keeps track of the finances. My task is to take care of the bookkeeping, handle invoices and payments and ensure that the budget is kept. I am also Vice President, which means that I am BästEMMA’s right hand and deputy.

Tove Sjunnesson

As Quartermaster in EMMA, I am responsible for ensuring that everything practically runs as it should. I am in charge of all EMMA’s storage and inventory, as well as making sure that areas and materials are booked for our events.

Food & Sitz Coordinator
Myrrha Stenmark

As Food & Sitz Coordinator, I have primary responsibility for EMMA’s Sitz parties. I am responsible for planning where they will be, how they will go and what food will be served. In addition, I am responsible for the food and fika for all our other fun events. I’m also the one you should contact about gyckel. If you want to gyckla at one of our events, big or small, I will be delighted if you send me an email. We also think it’s fun to gyckla, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you want us to gyckla at your event!

Activity Coordinator
Emma Holm Schlemowitz

As Activity Coordinator, I am mainly responsible for the student social events organized by EMMA. Student social events can be anything from bicycle mech to ladies’ sitz party. Then I am responsible for planning, logistics and entertainment for the event. 

Business Coordinator
Emma Sjöndin

As Business Coordinator, I am the one who keeps in touch with EMMA’s partners and contacts new companies to expand our business. Our goal is for the students as well as the companies to get out as much as possible from our collaborations.

Info & Collaborations Coordinator
Vendela Riklin

As Info & Cooperation Coordinator, my task is to spread information and keep in touch with other target groups, primarily through Instagram and Facebook. I also take care of collaborations with other associations and committees.

Print & Layout
Lydia Trygg

As Print & Layout, I am responsible for all print-related tasks and the design of the marketing for EMMA and EMMA’s events. This means, for example, that I create layouts for our posters, cover images, stickers and badges.