The sections Committees, Associations & Election Committee

The section has 14 committees that work operationally and look after the wishes and needs of the section members in different ways. Associations are groups that carry out limited activities on behalf of the section, right now we have the section’s band M-Bandet as an association. The Election Committee prepares elections for the section’s position of trust. 



Recruitment process

Nominate yourself or someone else to someone for the current positions by filling in the form published by the selection committee. The nomination is personal, so only the selection committee will be able to see who has been nominated.

All those who have been nominated are called by the selection committee for an interview. If you have been nominated for several positions, the interviews take place at the same time.

Based on the interviews, the selection committee discusses which people they think best fit the positions.

Application periods

The application periods are scheduled based on the Board booking the section meeting, thus these vary from year to year. Roughly speaking, the application periods fall in the fallowing months. 


General MPiRE


MPiRE, Presidium and Project Manager M-Yran


FM, The Board, EMMA and accountants