The Section of Mechanical Engineering has a variety of committees who organize everything from pubs to mail-lists and alumnus meet-ups.
Below we have listed different committees and their abbreviations.


The alumnus committee main purpose is to maintain the connection between Maskinteknologsektionen and its M-alumni. The M-alumni is roughly 4200 and have all completed at least 180 ECTS on one of Maskinteknologsektionen’s programs; M, DPU or EMM. The connection between the M-alumni is important for the section since it gives the students great inspiration about what one might want to do after finishing ones degree aswell as what roads one might take.


EveMtU’s purpose is to plan and arrange some of the biggest events on the section. The committee makes sure that all M-active on the section is properly thanked for their involvement in the section. EveMtU also arranges events for our students which studied half their study period or just graduated.


HållUt is Maskinteknologsektionen sustainability committee. The committee drives the work forward regarding physical, natural and psychological work environment and equality – and also to get these aspects to show on our section. The goal is that the members of the section should feel safe and included at the university. HållUt consists of work environment representative who cooperates with the institutions at the university and work environment representatives at other sections. The committee also consists of environment- and equality coordinators whose goal is to coordinate the sections enviroment- and equality work by  leading councils with representatives from other committees.


The Information Committee is the creative hub of the Mechanical Engineering Section. The committee is responsible for the sekiton’s layout, photographers, the podcast Mediamaskinen, the student guide Manualen, the webmaster and the editor for Myheterna. Together, InfU makes, among other things, the Fotokatalogen. Do you want a song booklet, poster or other graphic? Write to us!


By informing about studies abroad, organizing language exchanges together with other sections and taking care of both the Swedish and international master’s students in the section, the International Committee works to broaden everyone’s views. The committee functions as a contact for those who are abroad and works to ensure that everyone gets as much as possible out of their studies abroad.


The committee consists of the study development coordinator, chairman, candidate supervisors and master’s supervisors. The purpose of the development committee is to be responsible for the study supervision and the study environment at the M section’s program. This is mainly done through course evaluations, but also through participation in program planning groups, committee meetings and LinTek’s education council. The course evaluation is carried out by candidate supervisors at bachelor’s level and by master’s supervisors at master’s level. To help them, they have class representatives and profile representatives, respectively, who are responsible for collecting opinions from the students. The education committee’s permanent goal is to evaluate all mandatory courses at bachelor’s and master’s level as well as the optional courses at master’s level that, according to the students, need to be evaluated.


MafU works to market our fantastic section to prospective students. The committee does this, among other things, by:

  • Hold study visits for high school students where they get the chance to talk to students here at the M-section and test themselves on various parts of student life such as lectures, laboratories and a sitting
  • Go on PR trips to high schools around Sweden. There, the PR group visits different classrooms and gives presentations, as well as standing in a stand to talk about the section and answer questions.
  • Take care of all home missionaries, i.e. all section members who go to their old high school to tell about the section and about LiU. Those who are home missionaries get their round trip paid.


MAktKo is the machines’ very own activity committee. MAktko makes sure that everyone in the section has a really fun study time and therefore we organize all the different imaginable activities. Try different sports, sittings or advent snuggles are some of the things that MAktko usually organizes, but there are no limits to what can be invented. “The sky is the limit” really fits MAktKo’s work.


The business committee is the link between the section’s students and business. The committee maintains contact with the section’s current partners and at the same time tries to find new interesting companies to collaborate with. The Business Committee arranges business events; lunchtime lectures, study visits and evening events. They work to bring business closer to the students, as well as show the companies what our students have to offer.


When Maskinare need a study break with tasty food is PubM there as a warming hug.  To match the food with a cooling drink is also something PubM can put in a good word for. This lovely bunch of Maskinare arrange pubs for the section several times during the school year, be there or be square!


SkattU together with the cashiers on the sections works with economy, payments and accouting. SkattU and Maskin’s cashier from the section’s board are also responsible for the web shop.


StrateKo is the section’s strategical committee. The goal is for StrateKo to help the Board long-term and to manage questions regarding business year limits, something that can be challenging when operative work takes a lot of time and work. Questions that the Board regards as relevant for the future of the section gets a natural place in StrateKo.


VaktU is the section’s second smallest and the second newest committee and takes care of the Section’s rooms and materials.

This includes buying in materials for TK, being responsible for lending out various things and procuring sweets for the section meetings. VaktU is also responsible for Mojängen, which is released every year and can be anything from a nail file to a spaceship.
So if you need to borrow a kubb game, a loaner overall or perhaps a traction machine, just contact VaktU.