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As a student at Linköping University, there is a wide range of student apartments where “Student housing” is the widest Most students begin their studies in a corridor*. When you have collected a little more points, you can manage to get a small apartment, or why not share a bigger apartment with your friends? 

  • If you rent from, for example Student Housing, you have 2 rent-free months that allow you to avoid paying rent in July and August!
  • Worried that the points you have are not enough? Remember that if you are moving to Linköping and are a student at LiU for the first time, you have priority access to the corridor. In addition, there will be older students in the form of sponsors who will gladly help you during the first weeks with accommodation!
  • Below are som landlords we recommend gettin in line for. Victoria Park does not use a queuing system, but it may be worth signing up for the que anyway. 





     Ryd, Lambohov, Irrblosset, T1, Flamman, Fjärilen, Gnistan


     Ryd, Lambohov, Valla, Vasastaden, T1



Victoria Park


*A corridor is for those who like company. Here you share a kitchen with 6-8 other students who may be from all over the world. You have your own room with an attached bathroom.

On Linköping municipality’s website there is a list of landlords and their contact details. Link to the website can be found here.