The student life at Linköping University

If you want to study at a university where you can combine meritorious studies with a good student life, then Linköping University is definitely something for you. In addition to the time spent at school, there are lots of associations, events, sections and much more that you as a student at LiU can get involved in or just be a part of.



At Linköping University there are many fun parties to go to. The common house “Kårallen” on campus is transformed into a nightclub during the weekends. Famous artists often come here to play on the stage. A type of party that can be organized at Kårallen is called “Kravall” which means “Requirement for overalls”.



Almost every section has its own party committee which every year organizes fun parties but also competitions. The machine section’s “Festmaskineriet” organizes a pedal car competition “Le mans” every autumn. Other party committees have competitions in, for example, darts, paintball and filmmaking.



At LIU there is something for everyone. There are associations that organize trips, practice sports, work with companies, build cars, etc. If you have a good idea for an association, just start one yourself!



All sections at LiU have their own overalls with colors that represent the section you study at (ovve). The machine section’s overalls are half red, half yellow which you have to sew together yourself when you start studying. On the right leg you have your name and on the left leg you collect badges from various parties or events.



At the university, it is common to have sit-ings. There is (often) served a three-course dinner with lots of singing and acting. Usually there are two toastmasters who welcome everyone, help start songs and introduce fun. At a fancy sitting, attire can be a dark suit/long dress, and at an ugly or themed sitting, it can be anything from a one-piece to a garbage bag.



gyckel is a performance of a well-known song with the correct melody but whose lyrics have been rewritten. A gyckel can be about anything! At LiU there are gyckel choirs, but also party committees, associations and normal committees usually gyckel at sittings.


The Section

As a member of a section, there are many different things to tinker with. The Section of Mechanical Engineering has approximately 1,300 members, of which approximately 200 are involved in the section’s active work in one way or another. It can be anything from sitting on the Board to being part of one of the committees in the section such as the marketing committee (MafU), the development committee (M-UtU) or the activities committee (MAktKo). The section has several different tasks, but its main purpose is to act as an intermediary between the university and students and to arrange fun and educational events for the students. Here you can see parts of the section’s pull team and drink team.