Styret - The Board


Styret is the board of the Association of Mechanical Engineering. Together, the board is responsible for all activities that the association operates. This means that the board is represented in all committees, associations and project groups that falls under the Association of Mechanical Engineering. In summary, we are responsible for everything from recruitment of presumptive students, to study social activities for our members and life after exam, such as business contacts and alumni activities.



Sara Riad


Info: As the president of the association, I am responsible for the operation we conduct and also the board in its work. I am adjunct to LinTek's Board, the Student Union Council and the Program Board for Mechanical Engineering and Design where I represent the section and our members vote. The contact with other associations are important to us and all the presidents of the associations meet continuously and discuss overall questions and provide each other with good tips and advice.


Vice president

Andreas Erkén


Info: As the vice president my job is to assist the president in her work and to fill in for her if needed. In addition to this I am the accounter of our association and the contact person of StrateKo, the strategic committee of MTS. In my economy related tasks, ranging from book-keeping to administrating our bank accounts, I have SkattU to help me.


Head of Information

Khosti Eshak


Info: As Head of Information I’m responsible for all information within the association. In other words: the website, the memers, e-mails, PR and graphical design. To my help I have my beloved InfUsar. Creative work and a lot of irons in the fire is on my agenda!


Activity Coordinator

Alva Falinger



Alumni Manager

Erik Angel


Info: As the manager of the alumni work in the association I am in charge of all of the contact with the alumni of the association of Mechanical Engineering. The primary purpose of alumni activities is that the students and alumni will meet and create a very valuable exchange for both parties. 


Educational Development Coordinator

Caroline Wännman


Info: The Education Development Coordinator is responsible for issues regarding education at the programs of the association of Mechanical Engineering. This includes education and study environment supervision. The purpose is to ensure that the members of the association receive the best possible education. This includes representing the association towards the university and communicating the students perspective and opinions about their education. To my help, I have the Committee of Development.


Marketing Coordinator

Emma Ekström


Info: As Marketing Coordinator I make sure that presumptive students get as much information about the association as possible. To do this I have the Marketing Committee to help. They arrange study visits here in Linköping twice a year, travel to schools all over Sweden and they represent the association at fairs. Except this I also evaluate the work that has been done and plan how we can develop our future work.


Head of Inventory

David Sirkka



International Coordinator

Lotta Bengtsson


Info: As responsible for all international affairs within the association of mechanical engineering I make sure that all members are informed about their possibilities to study abroad. I am the main point of contact for those who wish to travel abroad but also for all the international master students. I work with improving the associations everyday progress towards better internationalization and do this with help from the international committee M-IntU.


Head of Business Relations

Rebecka Jonsson


Info: As head of business relations I’m in charge of all contact between the association and the business world. The purpose is to bring the students closer to the business world, and to show all the opportunities there are out there. I also work to bring the companies closer to our students, by showing companies what our students have to offer. To help me with my work I have a lot of amazing people. I work together with the committee in charge of business relations NärU, the case committee M-Case, our own career fair M-Yran, and the head of business relations in EMMA, Mpire and FM. In the end the goal is that you as a student get the best possible transition from the university into the business world, and to make sure companies knows what high quality students that graduate from the mechanical engineering association got! 


Chairman EMMA

Johanna Engström


Info: As president of EMMA I'm ultimately responsible for coordinating the association. I work to enhance good work spirit within EMMA. I´m also representing EMMA as a member of the board. Beside my contribution to the ongoing work, as a board member, my primary mission is to strengthen the communication between the board and EMMA.


Chairman Festmaskineriet

Ivar Wester


Info: As Festmaskinist you lead the work of Festmaskineriet provide help for the other members when needed. You make sure to stay in good contact with the other festerier at Linköping University and learn to love to attend meetings. In order for FM's business to move forward, all different bodies within the group must work and interact. So the absolute best thing with being Festmaskinist is to be so involved in all parts of FM.

Chairman MPiRE

The General


Info: As responsible for the reception you lead the work with creating the best possible start for the new students of the association of Mechanical Engineering. You´re the main contact for the associations Nolle-P towards LinTek and Linköping University. The General has a mandate in Styret that spans a calendar year.