AlumnU - The Alumnus Committee


The main purpose of the Alumni committee is to maintain contact between the association of Mechanical Engineering and its M alumni. M alumni are more than 4200 in number and they have all completed at least 180 credits at one of the Mechanical engineering's programs; M, DPU or EMM. The contact with M alumni is important to the association, as it gives the students a great deal of inspiration as to what one might want to do after graduation and about the possible choices to make.

This is what the Alumni committee is working with:

  • Organizes alumni events
  • Writing Alumnus, our alumni magazine that is published annually digitally.
  • Conducts a mentorship program where students in grades 4 and 5 have the opportunity to be assigned an alumn as a mentor. The aim is for the student to be able to ask questions and thoughts about their future career with someone who previously found themselves in exactly the same situation.
  • Arranges "Shadow an alumn", a project where students are given the opportunity to accompany an alumn a regular day at work.
  • Arrange inspiration lectures and mingles evenings where students can hear alumni tell about their experiences and career choices.
  • Ensures that those who are going to graduate will be informed about LiU's alumni network.