M-UtU - The Committee of Development


The committee consists of the Education Development Coordinator, Chairperson, Head of Bachelor, Head of Master, project group for Manualen and Working Environment representatives.

The purpose of the Development Committee is to be responsible for the study environment at the programs of the association of Mechanical Engineering. This is done primarily through course evaluations, but also through participation in program groups, board meetings and LinTeks education group. Course evaluation is conducted by Head of Bachelor at bachelor level and by Head of Master at master level. To their help, they have class representatives and profile representatives who are responsible for collecting opinions from the students. The purpose of the Committee of Development is to evaluate all mandatory courses at bachelor and master level.

The Work Environment representatives work towards improving students study environment, both physical and mental. This is mainly done by attending meetings with work environment representatives from other associations at the university.

The project group for Manualen work with helping students to get an easier and better student period. This is done by gather and coordinate information for the upcoming study manual for the students at the association of Mechanical Engineering.

Contact: mutu@maskinteknologsektionen.se