MafU - The Committee of Marketing


The Marketing Committee is responsible for promoting our amazing association to those who might become a new student at one of our programs. This is done, for example: 

  • by inviting students to come and visit us here in Linköping and get the possibility to “be a student” for two days. This take place twice a year and we arrange lectures, show them campus, they get invited to a dinner party and they have the opportunity to meet and ask questions to “real” students.
  • by going away on so called “PR-trips” to gymnasiums (can be compared to secondary school or high school) all over Sweden where we talk about the association, the programs and answers questions.

Except this, the Marketing Committee also is responsible for the so called “hemmissionering” where students from the association can apply to get their trip to their home town paid in exchange for them to visit their old school (gymnasium) and talk about LiU. If you want to know more about this, email:

And if you want to know more about what MafU and what we are doing,