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The mechanical engineering section was founded in 1969 and is both one of the oldest and largest sections at Linköping University.

The section consists of the three civil engineering programs Mechanical Engineering, Design and Product Development, Energy-Environment-Management and four independent master’s programs.

Of the 200 students who volunteer in the section each year, there are a number who are directed towards the business world. The purpose is partly to give the students an insight into life after their studies, but also for companies to meet our students.

If you would like to have the opportunity to be seen and meet our students, you are most welcome to contact us at one of the addresses below.

Näringslivsutskottet, NärU

The mechanical engineering section’s business committee is the link between business and students. The committee works to bring the students closer to the business world, as well as maintain contact with the business world by arranging various events with companies. If you are interested in starting a collaboration with the mechanical engineering section, contact the business committee.

Caseutskottet, M-CASE

M-Case offers companies the opportunity to get in closer contact with students by organizing case events, where students and the company meet to solve a case connected to the company’s operations.

Yrkes- och arbetsmarknadsdagen, M-YRAN

M-YRAN is the Mechanical Engineering Section’s own professional and labor market day, with the aim of having an intimate and personal atmosphere. All the companies participating in M-YRAN are offered the opportunity to meet engaged mechanical engineering students and create new contacts for the future. In addition to the fair during the day, there is also a mingling event in the evening and the opportunity to hold and participate in several events both before and during the day of the fair.

Tjejföreningen, EMMA

Through collaborations with EMMA, you target the female section members. EMMA organizes business events with companies, but is also seen at many other events.

FM arranges parties for the entire university. In connection with FM’s events, there are several opportunities to expose your company to mechanical engineering students as well as to the entire university.

MPiRE is responsible for the reception of the new mechanical engineering students. In cooperation with MPiRE, companies mainly get the opportunity to be seen among new students and sponsors in connection with the reception week.