Meet out students


An opportunity that attracts many students to listen to a lecture during lunchtime (12.15-13.00).
You are given the opportunity to present the company, trainee program, career opportunities or any other topic that may be of interest to our students.


M-YRAN offers a unique chance to meet committed mechanical engineering students and create new contacts for the future.
In addition to the fair during the day, a mingling event is also included in the evening, as well as the opportunity to hold and participate in several events both before and during the day of the fair.


The event begins with a company presentation; who you are and what you work with. Afterwards, the students are grouped together to solve the case developed together with the Mechanical Engineering Section, and the students are invited to dinner, lunch or coffee.


An evening event provides a more personal opportunity to meet our students. Often the students are invited to a dinner in connection with a lecture and social gathering.


The students are given the opportunity to visit a selected representative location, which gives both a good insight into the company’s operations and where you can end up after graduation.


If you have other ideas for collaborations that can benefit both your company and our students, you are most welcome to contact us!

Marketing on the section

There are many ways for companies to market themselves to our students. For example, the company’s logo can be seen on the section’s backpacks, in the photo catalog or on the website.

In addition, it is possible to advertise master thesis-jobs, trainee programs etc. via the Mechanical Engineering Section’s social media, newsletter and here on the website.

You are most welcome to contact for more information!