The Election Committee

The Election Committee prepares elections for the Section Board, side companies, auditors and the other elective representatives that the section meeting deems appropriate. The Election Committee’s proposal is assigned to the section in connection with the notice and agenda for the section meeting.

The Election Committee is nominated by the Board and elected by the section meeting, where all section members have the right to submit counter-proposals. Only section members have the right to be elected to the Election Committee. The Election Committee convenes when called by the President of the Election Committee. 

Every member has the right to raise counter-proposals to the Election Committee’s proposal. Counter-proposals must be submitted in writing to the President of the Election Committee no later than three reading days before the section meeting for immediate approval. Opposing candidates must also be given the opportunity to present themselves at the section meeting. All persons who have applied for or been nominated for any of the positions that the Election Committee has the task of filling must be offered the opportunity to come to a personal interview with the Election Committee. All members have the right to submit written proposals to the Election Committee.

A member of the Election Committee may not be nominated by the Election Committees itself to a position of trust. When the Elections Committee chooses to leave a position of trust vacant, all members of the section during a section meeting can themselves run for the position of trust, including the members of the Election Committee.