Do you have an idea for something that is missing from the section? Then you can apply for money from the section for that!


It’s called boxing and means that the section sponsors with money from its funds for activities that can benefit the section’s members in some way. You get the money from the section either before or after the activity you carry out, depending on the situation. 

Examples of what you can get money for:

– Create an event (arrange travel, sitz party, lecture, study visit, etc.)
– Equipment (purchase of gadgets that the section lacks, equipment for events)
– Financial support for projects you want to implement

How to:

1. Read through the conditions/guidelines for what applies to request.
2. Fill in the attached application form with info: NOTE always attach a budget (simple excel) where you list possible costs and income. 
3. Email it to: 

For questions, email

Good luck!

Guidelines boxings:

Guide to boxings: