Other bookings

Lending – Private

The section has lots of inventory, such as perculators and overalls. If you want to know which fixtures can be borrowed, just email and ask. Pick-up and return takes place in TK during staffed opening hours (times can be found at the bottom of the website). Due to wear and tear, some fixtures cost to borrow. 

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If you are interested in borrowing equipment, send a request to bokning.vaktu@maskinteknologsektionen.se and include the following information:

  • Inventory and number

  • Date (pickup and return)

  • Event

  • Name

  • Association/section/private

  • Phone number


Lending – Sectionactives

Everything that is in the A15 warehouse and TK can be borrowed via the Lending Document in the MTS Standard Folder. The key to A15 can be collected from TK during staffed opening hours. 


FM, EMMA, MPiRE or M-YRAN have lots of inventory that can also be borrowed if you contact them. 


If there is any inventory that is broken, you want to buy in or other questions, contact:



Booking- & Inventory Manager, VaktU

Jonatan Forslund