As a student at the Section of Mechanical Engineering, there are lots of committees, side companies and associations you can get involved in. It is often very fun and rewarding, and few regret a commitment. Most associations and other things are replaced every year, usually just before or after the summer. 

Section Committees

There are a total of 14 committees, a list of all and brief information can be found here. The application period for these takes place partly at the end of the spring term and partly for a few weeks in September.

Side Companies

There are three side companies in the Section of Mechanical Engineering – EMMA, FM and MPiRE. These can be applied for during different periods during the year and are selected by a group called the election committee. After the election committee has selected candidates, all members who attend the section meetings vote through the candidates, and possibly someone can counter-candidate for a post. Read more about the various side companies here.

The Board

The Board is responsible for all activities at the section and each person is also in one of the committees or side companies. The members of the Board are elected in the same way as for the side companies. Read more about the Board here.


There are lots of independent associations that have no connection to the section. Examples of this are Engineers Without Borders, Navitas, Börsgruppen, Forte, LiTHe Blås and more. Other ways to get involved can also be working at Flamman, Kollektiveriet (KK), in Baljan, VilleValla and others. You can find a list of most associations at LiU here.

Labor Market Days

Fairs that are held so that students can meet companies where you, as a student, can participate in organizing the fair. The section’s own fair is called M-YRAN, you can read more about it here.


LinTek stands for Linköping’s student union of technologists and represents all students studying engineering and science. You can get involved by, for example, joining FuM (the union council), which consists of 27 members who participate and decide what LinTek should think and do. Read more here.