Leave your opinion about LiU/the Section

Leave opinions about courses, sustainability and study environment

Have you been wondering why trash is not sorted after a lunchlecture? Perhaps you have a tip on how a course or education can develop? Do you have opinions about your study environment? Then you can contact us in the committees HållUt and M-UtU via our joint form. If it concerns education and courses, it is forwarded to the education committee M-UtU. Everything related to sustainability, equality and the study environment is forwarded to the sustainability committee HållUt. If you choose to fill in your email in the form, we promise to get back to you when we have started working on your case, but you can also fill in the form anonymously. 


If you feel that you have been subjected to violations or feel mentally ill, you can use the form to contact AMO (the section’s work environment representative) anonymously. If you want to have a dialogue with AMO it is best to email them. AMO is here for you! 

Contact us via the form HERE!
Feel free to email HållUt at hallut@maskinteknologsektionen.se or M-UtU at mutu@maskinteknologsektionen.se.
feel free to email the section’s work environment representative at  amo@maskinteknologsektionen.se. They are bound by confidentiality.

Leave your opinions about the section

Leave your opinions about the section 

Do you have a good suggestion on how the section can be improved? Or maybe you have an idea about what the section should change or do you think the section is missing something? It may concern the section rooms, committees, functions or why not input about the website or the Board’s work? No thoughts is too far-fetched! We look forward to your opinion. Submit your views to the Section Board HERE!

Error report to LiU

Is there something worng with the premises at LiU? Submit a report HERE!