Student life

Here is a deep dive into the student life of Linköping, hope you’re not afraid of a bit of splash because here comes a cascade of information.

Associations & being active

Help Maskinteknologsektionen to become better and have fun while doing it!



Your most valuable piece of clothing, learn how to wear it with style. -

Bike in Linköping

Puncture and constant wind against you, learn how to survive in Linköping on two wheels.


Phadderists & Party Committees

How much do you know about the mysterious characters in sunglasses?

Going out

Kårallen and KK is fun but there are other places to go in Linköping than the student pubs.

Guide to the partys over the year

Learn how and were to party the most during the year.


This sight is unfortunately not available in English yet.

Study spots

If you like to study in silent surrounded by books or in a busy coffee shop, Linköping has something to offer. (More info will come soon)