INP Grenoble 

Advanced Economics for Industrial Engineering5GUC05046H
Engineering Design: Methods and ToolsWGUS10243H
Global Firm and Economic Dynamics5GUS01036V
Information Systems ManagementWGUS20446V
Integrated Design: Tools and Methods5GUC06046H
International Project Management5GUC17046H
Methods in Tactical and Operational Supply Chain Management5GUC20046H
Production and Operations ManagementWGUS10443H
Purchasing Management5GUC16046H
Quality and Process DevelopmentWGUS20546V
Reliability and Risk Management for Industrial Systems5GUC27046H
Seminars: Manufacturing, Economics, Project ManagementWGUS10546H
Supply Chain ManagementWGUS10643H
Sustainability in Industrial EngineeringWGUS10743H
Transport Logistics and Operations ResearchWGULOGI96H

Université de Technologie Troyes 

Environmental Analysis: Basic Methods and ToolsEV106V
Environmental EconomicsEV024V
Intensive French Language CourseLF004V
Multicultural Approach of BusinessGE444V
Project ManagementCS036V
Value Analysis and Functional AnalysisCS016V