The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 

Fluid EngineeringME 44146HT
Automation TechnologyISE 40036HT
E-business for EngineersISE 3066HT
Automation Control TechnologyME 42086HT
Management and OrganisationMM20216HT
Industrial AutomationME42176VT
Design of Automotive Mechanical SystemME42166VT
Heat and Mass TransferME44136VT
Engine EchnologyME44096VT
Product MechatronicsME42096VT

City University of Hong Kong 

Introduction to Logistics IndustrySEEM20376 
Logistics and Materials ManagementSEEM30276 
Fundamentals of Business Logistics ManagementMS31216 
Production and Operations PlanningSEEM30326 
Quality Improvement MethodologiesSEEM30536 
Supply Chain ManagementSEEM60156 
Marketing Strategy for EngineersSEEM60486 
Quality Engineering ISEEM3062  
Operations ResearchSEEM3060  
Work DesignSEEM3034  
Engineering Database and SystemsSEEM3040  
Diversity of Life and EvolutionBCH2067  
Energy Crisis and Renewable EnergyGE1343  
Applied Statistics for Sciences and Engineering MA2172  
Managing Strategic QualitySEEM6037  
Project ManagementSEEM4024  
Engineering Management Principle and PracticeSEEM3056  
Advanced ThermofluidsMBE3106