Universitet Twente 

Product Design1911020315H
3D Printing; Processes and Use2014001035H
Solids and Surfaces1911557005H
Computational Structural Optimization1911577305H
Failure Mechanisms & Life Prediction2013000385H
Plastic and Elastomer Engineering2014000445H
Fluid Mechanics II2015001365H
Solids and Surfaces1911557005H
Advanced Thermodynamics 2015000245H
Life-Cycle Strategy1911020105H
Technology and Sustainable Development1957400503H

Universitet Twente 

Discrete Optimization and business Processes1918202005H
Energy and Economy1957400204V
Energy Systems1957400703H
Green Energy2012000205H
Hydrogen Technology1957400604V
Organization and Strategy1918646105H
Solar Energy1957400404V
Supply Chain Management and ICT1958102007,5H
Sustainability                                                      1957401303H
Sustainable Transport1954208007,5V
System Innovation and Strategic Niche Management1941060604V
Wind Energy1957401204V

TU Eidenhoven 

Capita Selecta of Environment and behaviorOP5003V
Development Patterns of Energy Systems0C9444V
Dutch Language and Culture Course9ST501 
Dutch for Beginners IST402H
Dutch for Beginners IISTA412V
Electrical Power5LEE05 
Energy and Economy0EM723H
Energy, Economy and Society0EM1405 
Energy and Consumer0EM933H
Engineering Optimization Advanced Topics4T7003V
Engineering Optimization: Concepts and Applications4J5303H
Ethics and the Risk Society0LM1303V
Ethics of Technology0FC055 
From Industrial Ecology to Cradle0LM123V
Governing Transition0EM256H
Green Supply Chains1CM655H
Heat and Moisture Transfer in Building Evelopes7S5325H
Novel Technology0HM3005 
Renewable Energy Resources4P5105H
Sustainable development, Innovation and Society0EM713H
System Innovation and Strategic Niche Management0C9403V
System Innovation: Governance of Transitions0C9413H
System Integration Project5LEF06V
Technology Entrepreneurship1ZM205H
Technology and Sustainability0C9003H
Technology & the Global Economy          0EM933H
Thermal Energy Storage4P7303H