Yuan-Ze University 

Human Factors IIE2203HT
Introduction to Electric Circuits and ElectronicsME2243HT
Marketing ManagementCM2033HT
Engineering MaterialsME1153VT
Mechanical Behavior of MaterialsME4933HT
Organization BehaviorCM2043HT
Design Studio IAD1163VT
Design Studio IIAD1153HT
Art Studio IAD1173HT
Art Studio IIAD1183VT
Bachelor Thesis (Product Development) 7,5VT

Yuan-ze University 

ElasticityME511 A HT
Convective Heat TransferME519 A HT
Compressible FlowME601 HT
Introduction to Fine CeramicsCH530 A HT
Experimental Design and ApplicationsIE538 HT
CombustionME536 A HT
Physical Chemestry of MaterialsCH600 HT

National Central University 

Environmental Statistics 7,5VT
Transportation Planning & Networks 7,5HT
Total Quality Management 7,5VT
Large Scale Optimazion 7,5VT
Innovation Management & Industrial Strategies 7,5VT
Seminar on Marketing Management 7,5HT
International Business Strategies 7,5HT
Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells 7,5HT