Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften München 

Aerodynamic Principles for Automotive 4HT
Flugzeugsubsysteme 5HT
The GermanLanguage – history and culture 2HT
Deutsch Grundstufe für anfänger mot Vorkenntnissen 3HT
Green Logistics and Sustainability 5HT
Advanced Fluid Mechanics 4HT
Technical Product Management and Sales 5HT
Simulation Technology with MatLab 4HT
Vehicle Dynamics 5VT
Modelling and Testing of Products and Processes 6VT
Innovation Management 4VT
Intercultural Management and Leadership 4VT
Supply Chain Management 3VT
Ideation and improvement of a mobile app concept 6VT
Deutsch für Fortgeschrittene – Schreibkompetenzen  3VT

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie 

Project Management620021063H
Managing Organizations25779023,5H
Automotive Engineering I21138098H
Mathematical Modelling and Simulation1094004H
Vehicle Mechatronics I21138164H
Vehicle Ride Comfort & Acoustics I21138064H
Electrical Machines233154V
Machine Dynamics21612245V
Vehicle Ride Comfort & Acoustics II21148254V
Control Technology21506834V
Automotive Vision21383404V
Working Methods in Mechanical Engineering21109692V
Superconducting Materials for Energy Applications 236823 
Nuclear Power Plant Technology21704604 
Automation Systems21060054 
Heat Transfer in Nuclear Reactors21899074 
Finite Volume Methods for Fluid Flow21544314 
CFD for Power Engineering21309104 
Nonlinear Continuum mechanics21623445 

RWTH Aachen 

Industrial Engineering, Economics and Work OrganizationMSAE11156H
Mechatronics and Control Techniques for Production PlantsMSMME11025H
Production Management AMSMME11035H
Quality ManagementMSAE11056H
Environmental Sustainability in Transport EngineeringMSAE11116H
Machine Design ProcessMSPSE21115H
Foundations of Entrepreneurship 5H
Process Measurement 3H
Tribology 6H
Automotive Engineering I 3H
Optimization A 9V
Innovation Management 5V
Machine Tools II 5V
Manufacturing Technology IIMSMME21065V
Production Management BMSMME21075V
Practical Introduction to FEM-Software IIMSCAM21025V
Welding and Joining Technologie IMSPSE10036V
Industrial LogisticsMSPSE11025V
Factory PlanningMSPSE11066V

TU Berlin 

Climate Change, Land Use & Infrastructures06355100L026H
Energy Economics0330L5276H
Grundlagen des Qualitätsmanagements0536L3106H
Introduction to Intercultural Management0833L3804H
Nachhaltige Unternenensführung0831L2816H
Produktbezogene Umweltmanagement-Methoden0333L4436V
Prototyping Eco Innovation 6H
Simulation Kolplexer Umweltsysteme0435L3913V
Smart Sustainable District06383100L309V
Sustainable Innovation0832L2936V

TU Berlin 

Einführung in die Lineare und Kombinatorische Optimierung3236 L 1489H
Engineering Statistics0831 L 5320831 L 5330831 L 5359H
Grundlagen des Qualitätsmanagement0536 L 3100536 L 3126H
Logistik I & II0832 L 0116H

TU Hamburg-Harburg 

German as a Foreign Language 6H
Module: Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 6V
Module: Geochemical Engineering 6V
Module: Groundwater Modelling 6V
Module: Practical Course in Water and Wastewater Technology 6H
Module: Resources Oriented Sanitation Systems 6H
Module: Special Aspects of Waste Resources Management 6H
Module: Waste and Energy 6V
Module: Waste Treatment Technologies 6H
Module: Water and Wastewater Systems 6V
Module: Water Protection 6H

TU München 

Advanced Technology and Innovation ManagementWI0000266H
Aerodynamcs of Aircraft IMW00075H
CAD in Aircraft Design CATIA V5MW02654H
Continuum MechanicsMW14057H
Energy MaterialsPH14034H
Helicopter Design and Architecture IMW13975H
Fiber CompositesMW21525H
Flight Propulsions I and Gas TurbinesMW05105H
Flight System Dynamics ISZ03218H
Fluid Mechanics IIMW19105H
German as a foreign Language A1MW19145H
Interaction PrototypingMW22724H
Introduction to Wind EnergyMW21495H
Introduction to SpaceflightMW11123H
Light Weight StructuresMW00625H
Modelling Control and Design of Wind Energy SystemsMW00375H
Multifunctional Polymer-Based CompositesMW20753H
Nuclear Fusion Reactor EngineeringMW08325H
Polymer Physics IPH20465H
Renewable Energy Technology IMW14753H
Steam TurbinesMW01603H
Think. Make. StartMW22456H
Aerospace StructuresMW00635V
Aircraft DesignMW00475V
Angewandte CFDMW16285V
Applied CFDMW16285V
Dynamik der StrassenfahrzeugeMW00285V
Entrepreneurial FinanceWI0001586V
Experimental Fluid MechanicsMW03054V
FEM for TurbomachineryMW21214V
Finite Elements in Materials MechanicsMW19785V
Flight System Dynamics IIMW08335V
Flow Physics and Similarity LawsMW04163V
Gas DynamicsMW03575V
German as a Foreign Language A2SZ03228V
Internal Combustion Engine for MSPEMW13645V
Multidisciplinary Design OptimizationMW00855V
Membrane StructuresMW15803V
Marketing and Innovation ManagementWI0008206V
Nichtlineare Finite-Element-MethodenMW06205V
Nonlinear Finite Element MethodsMW06205V
Renewable Energy Technology IIMW14763V
Spacecraft TechnologyMW19838V
Systems EngineeringMW01245V
Technology Assessment in Aviation MW21664V

TU München 

Thermodynamics for Energy ConservationMW14195H
Advanced Seminar Thermal Energy SystemsMW18133H
Modelling, Control and Design of Wind Energy SystemsMW21525H
Numerical Thermo-Fluid Dynamics IIMW21344H
Energy Economics, Hydro Power and Energy StorageBGU460236H
Small Hydro Power, Wind Energy and Solar Power, Energy StorageBV4600136H/V
Sustainable Development / Sustainability of BuildingsBV3600166H/V
Renewable Energy Technology I + IIMW13546H/V
Biofluid MechanicsMW03765V
Lab Course Energy Systems for MSPEMW18695V
Design of Wind Turbine RotorsMW22674V
Advanced Topics in Sustainability Innovation and MarketingWI0009626V